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    NEMA 5-15 receptacle description
    States and Canada. It is a two- pole , three - wire grounding receptacle which is
    Description of NEMA L6-30 Receptacle
    It is a locking two- pole , three - wire grounding receptacle with a maximum input of 250v and 30a.
    BMS AP9921X-AP9922 Battery Management System; high battery voltages on 40 Jar battery applications
    Connector A - Wire 2 = Positive Terminal Battery 2 Connector A - Wire 3 = Positive Terminal Battery 3
    Description of the NEMA L14-30 Receptacle
    It is a locking 3 - pole , 4- wire grounding receptacle rated for either 120 or 240 VAC.
    Output control options on a Netbotz version 3 appliance
    ... and states are available when the output control devices is wired between the NO (Normally Open) and COM terminals on the appliance:
    Symmetra Power Array 3:1 erroneously reports "Input circuit breaker tripped open"
    The explanation is that the 3 pole input breaker Auxiliary Switch (i. ... Maintenance Bypass Switch breaker Auxiliary Switch are wired in series.
    General Receptacle Wiring Practices
    ... there should be three wires in the box ... ... color of the wires should be green (the green wire is ground, ... be a bare wire rather than green ... When connecting a receptacle (usually a NEMA X5-XX), the ground wire bonds to the green terminal , neutral bonds to the silver terminal , and hot bonds to the copper-colored terminal . A qualified person can change a 120 volt dedicated box to a 240 volt box by connecting the neutral wire to a suitable dual- pole circuit breaker on the opposite phase leg.
    Why can I measure voltage between the ground and neutral wires when my UPS is on battery?
    ... ground and neutral wires when my UPS ... ... Smart-UPS 3 G was designed ... ... Smart-UPS 3 G line has ... A UPS shall be provided with backfeed to prevent a potential involving a risk of electric shock(see Electric Shock Section 8) from being present on its input terminals during interruption of the input ac power. ... The protection mentioned above shall employ an automatic switching device having air-gap contacts such as an electromechanical relay for preventing a potential involving a risk of electric shock from appearing on the input terminals .
    NetworkAIR Legacy Dataguard 5 Common Alarm Facts
    The wire connections may vary, so reference the wiring schematic for your specific product [see attachment]. ... Use terminal connections 1, 2, and 3
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