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    What is the IP (Internal Protection) rating of the NetShelter SX, SV and CX cabinets?
    ... used to determine how large an object, or liquid, may pass through the side panels or roof of a cabinet.
    Can the NetShelter SV be joined with other ISX Row Based components (InRow Cooling, UPS, PDUs)?
    The SV frame does include baying ... to the different height, depth and frame design of the NetShelter SV , SX and VX cabinets.
    Can the NetShelter SV be joined to a NetShelter SX?
    The SV and SX cabinet depths are different. The front doors are also different shapes: the SV is flat and the SX is rounded.
    Are there spare or replacement keys available for the NetShelter SX, SV or VX cabinets?
    This is a single spare key which works on the NetShelter SX, SV and VX doors and side panels .
    Is COO, HTTS or ECCN information available for NetShelter CX cabinets and accessories?
    ar4038x429 NetShelter CX 38U 750 mm Wide x 1130 mm Deep Enclosure Black Finish
    Can the vertical cable management fingers for 600mm wide NetShelter cabinets be installed into 750mm wide NetShelter cabinets?
    ... into a wide NetShelter SX or SV . NetShelter SX and SV ... wide SX or SV cabinets. AR7721, AR7722 and AR7723 were originally designed for the 600mm wide NetShelter SX cabinets, so in the Compatibility Chart (FA158651) they are listed as compatible with the 600mm wide cabinets only. In the SX cabinets a better choice may be the ar7580a (42U), AR7585 (45U) or AR7588 ( 48U ) because they offer far more capacity. In the SV cabinets AR7721 and AR7723 are currently the only finger-style vertical cable managers available.
    Which keys are used with NetShelter cabinets and EcoAisle, and how customers can obtain them.
    Replacement NetShelter key or additional ... NetShelter Cabinets, EcoAisle ... NetShelter Replacement Keys for SX, SV , AV, VX, WX and AR8132A Combination Lock Handles This document explains which keys are used for various NetShelter cabinets and how to obtain them. NetShelter SX, SV , AV & VX: ... Please use Part w870-8135 as the replacement key for NetShelter SX, AV and VX front & rear door handles and side panels . ... NetShelter WX: ... NetShelter CX: ... Please use Part 0H-0292-SE as the replacement keys for all NetShelter CX door locks.
    Which parts of a NetShelter cabinet are considered user replaceable?
    Need to determine which NetShelter components can be replaced by customers in the field. ... NetShelter SX, SV , VX ... Many parts of the cabinet are designed to be user replaceable: roof, side panels and doors. ... : The NetShelter SV roof is not removable.
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