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    APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
    APC Cooling Unit identification. All Cooling Units. ... FM Air/ Water /Glycol ... Expansion A= Air Cooled E= Air Cooled W= Water Cooled F= Water Cooled D= Water Cooled ... W= Hot Water ... C= Chilled Water ... C= Chilled Water ... C= Chilled Water ... Main A= Air Cooled W= Water Cooled ... ) A= Air Cooled W= Water Cooled ... ) A= Air Cooled W= Water Cooled ... ) A= Air Cooled E= Air Cooled w/Multicool R= Air Cooled w/Remote ...
    Will the EcoAisle replace the tradition HACS offering
    ... to data center cooling with it's EcoAisle ... This flexible system adapts to both hot and cold aisles to address the wide range of data center cooling challenges faced by today's IT and facilities managers. When used with room, row, or external cooling systems the flexible aisle containment will maximize cooling system efficiencies by eliminating mixing and balancing airflow to enable increased operating temperatures and reduce fan energy. For facilities leveraging air or water economizers this systems is adaptable to maximize free cooling hours.
    Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
    Air Cooled Chillers ... Data Center Facility Cooling - Andover Continuum or TAC Vista ... Fluid Coolers ... High-Density Cooling Enclosures ... InRow Chilled Water ... Portable Cooling ... Room Cooling Accessories ... Row Cooling Accessories ... Uniflair Chilled Water
    What are your condenser clearances and placement requirements?
    All Cooling Condensers Data Center Cooling ... the location of air-cooled equipment is the ... Care must be taken to properly protect fan decks and piping from any failing objects, like ice, that may accumulate, fall and damage the unit or piping. ... Decorative Fences Fences must have 50% free area, with 1 foot undercut, a “W” minimum clearance, and must not exceed the top of unit.
    DAC, Cancoil Installation Manual
    Air Cooled Condenser DAC Air Cooled Condensers For information ... Cancoil air-cooled condensers have been ... ... be used if air-cooled quipment is located ... ... and dry and free of all debris ... Cancoil air-cooled condensers are available ... variety of optional fan cycling controls, ... are shipped without fan controls. Check ... ... high affinity for water . ... amperage on the fan motor(s ... ... . Verify the fan rotation direction. ... combination of ambient fan cycling and condenser ... Condenser Ambient Fan Cycling Control ... – With all fans running, the ... ... raised by cycling fans off and on ...
    What is the Difference between Glycol and Chilled water?
    ... Glycol and Chilled water ? All Water Cooled and Chilled Water Units. ... Data Center Cooling ... Glycol is a freeze protection added to water when using chilled water or condenser water systems (like automotive anti-freeze). ... The terms are used interchangeably in some cases, as many sites run chilled glycol through their chillers instead of straight water because the water lines are outside. The big difference is the heat transfer properties of glycol are not as good as straight water , so the equipment is de-rated depending on the glycol/ water mixture.
    Why choose glycol over water?
    ... choose glycol over water ? All cooling units that require ... ... choose glycol over water ? ... and dirt- free , no sidestream ... - In cooling systems where components are frequently disconnected and reconnected, the glycol is typically captured and added back to the system. ... - Glycol is 5-10% less efficient than water in transferring heat. ... Note! of an based water solution is less ... than the specific heat of clean water . ... Distilled or deionized water should be used for ethylene glycol solutions. City water is often treated with chlorine, which is corrosive, and should be avoided.
    How does the high head pressure protection feature work on the ACSC?
    InRow Cooling ... The unit targets a refrigerant condensing pressure of 425 psig (29.3 bar) and the condenser fans modulate to maintain this. ... When condensing pressure reaches 520 psig (35.8 bars), the controller slows the evaporator fans down and opens the electronic hot gas bypass valve to reduce condensing pressure.
    What are the graduations and max bypass of the hot gas bypass valve for the ACSC unit?
    InRow Cooling ... The unit capacity is modulated by both the valve and the evaporator fans , so the % open of the HGB valve will not always correspond to a fixed % of unit capacity reduction. If the evaporator fans were held at a constant speed, then the HGV open 100% results in the unit reduced to approximately 65%, valve open 50% results in approximately 70% capacity.
    What are the operational conditions for an InRoom (Stulz) Unit
    Chilled water -/ cooling water pipes: Maximum water head pressure: ... ... piping between the cooling unit and the air cooled condenser: 60 ... ... condenser and the cooling unit: 5 ... is below the cooling unit Entering water temperature (EWT) for CW coil: 7°C (44.6°F) Leaving water temperature (LWT) for CW coil: 12°C (53.6°F) ... Cooling fluid (DX): 30% Glycol ... Chilled water medium (CW): 0% Glycol
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