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    Video: How to take the Galaxy 5000 UPS from total power off to normal operation.
    Step 2: Wait until the end of the UPS initialization with PFC start-up . Step 2: Push the Menu Button
    Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
    For support on APC and MGE products please visit: ... Charge- UPS EX ... Data Center Software Integration Kits ... Management Platform Integration ... Matrix- UPS Matrix- UPS Accessories ... MGE Accessories MGE Alpes MGE Battery Systems MGE Comet MGE EPS MGE EPS 6000 MGE EPS 7000 MGE EPS 8000 MGE Galaxy MGE Galaxy 300 MGE Galaxy 3000 MGE Galaxy 3500 MGE Galaxy 4000 MGE Galaxy 5000 MGE Galaxy 5500 MGE Galaxy 6000 MGE Galaxy 7000 MGE Galaxy 9000 MGE Galaxy PW MGE Legacy MGE Service Bypass MGE Sinewave MGE Static Transfer Switches MGE UPS 4000 ... Network Integration Services ... Parallel ... Smart- UPS Smart- UPS Accessories Smart- UPS Battery Systems Smart- UPS DP Smart- UPS On-Line Smart- UPS RT Smart- UPS VT ... Software Integration ... Start-Up Service
    Video: How to take the Galaxy 5000 UPS from normal operation to total power off?
    ... Shutting Down the MGE Galaxy 5000 UPS Galaxy 5000, Galaxy 5500 ... Powering Down the Galaxy 5000 UPS The instructions to power down the UPS are available on the display. This procedure is for a single UPS without an external bypass panel. ... Step 4: Choose “Stop the UPS ” ... At this point, the load is no longer protected by the UPS . ... The UPS is now fully isolated from the load. ... There is still stored energy in the capacitors, and batteries inside the UPS . Never remove any covers or panels.
    Matrix-UPS emits a chirping sound after being on-battery or running a self-test
    ... SmartCell battery pack fails a UPS On-Battery ... scheduled or through UPS start-up ), the Matrix- UPS will emit chirps ...
    How to reset MGE SNMP/ Web card back to default MGE UPS
    Product line: MGE Galaxy series UPS and MGE Multislot add on smart slots
    UPDATED MARCH-2016: Unable to access my APC Network Management Card (NMC) enabled device via HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
    Available Now? sumx 1ph/3ph Smart- UPS , MGE Galaxy 3500, Matrix AOS v6.4 and higher Yes
    Information for Colors of UPS Galaxy 5000, Galaxy 5500
    Product line: Galaxy 5000, Galaxy 5500
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