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APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
APC Cooling Unit identification. All Cooling Units . APC Unit Identification ... w/Remote Condensing ... R= Remote Condensing ... Air Cooled Indoor Condensing ... Cooled Remote Indoor Condensing ... CM Condenser/ Condensing Unit (Not Current ... CN= Condensing Unit ... CM Condenser/ Condensing Unit /Drycooler ( ... GDS= Glycol Dual Set Point 01.0 ... RC= Remote Condensing ... R= Remote Condensing ... (Ceiling Mount Unit ) ... (Ceiling Mount Unit ) ... R= Remote Condensing ... E= Remote Condensing 2= 208, 220 or 230 ... E= Remote Condensing ... NetworkAIR InRow Cooling (Current) ... 1.5t – 1.8t (5. 30kw – 6.5kw)
ACSC1XX Spare Parts List
... List for ACSC1XX units . ... CAP MTL PPR 400v 5% 40uf ... CONDENSATE PUMP DUAL ASSY W/HOSES ( Dual Condensate Pump) ... 4367 (for Dual Condensate Pump) 875-4368 (for Dual Condensate Pump) ... 875-0481 (for Dual Condensate Pump) ... 875-0857b (for Dual Condensate Pump) ... 875-0482 (for Dual Condensate Pump) ... CONDENSATE PUMP WITH Float - Spare Part ( Dual voltage 120v/208v) ... InRow RC/SC Filter 1/2" Washable - Spare Part (default) ... WIRE ASSY SC5 LOWER PWR FEED MB ... WIRE ASSY SC5 UPPER PWR FEED MB
InRow RC Standard and Optional Features
2-way/3-way Floating Point Valve Dual A-B Power Feed
APC 3 Phase UPS; dual feed UPS systems, where does the neutral conductor get terminated?
Therefore, I do not recommend having input neutral on the rectifier feeder (mains1) for dual feed systems.”
What are the Condensate Pump lift specifications for your InRow product line?
Dual floats are included with the unit . One float is used for condensate pump control, the other to generate condensate pan overflow alarms.
NetBotz nbpd0165 camera image does not appear correctly in NetBotz or DCE after changing image stream format..
Even if you try to use a dual feed such as H.264 + MJPEG ... fail to show the camera image / feed .
InRow: What is capacity regulation?
As the suction pressure drops the valve will start to feed discharge gas into the evaporator coil raising the overall suction pressure.
How does the high head pressure protection feature work on the ACSC?
InRow Cooling ... The unit targets a refrigerant condensing pressure of 425 psig (29.3 bar) and the condenser fans modulate to maintain this. ... When condensing pressure reaches 520 psig (35.8 bars), the controller slows the evaporator fans down and opens the electronic hot gas bypass valve to reduce condensing pressure.
... Power 208/ 400v For acrp100/ ... ... Variable Frequency Drive 400v for acrp101 ( ... ... acrp101 (DX 400v ) ... DX 200/ 400v ) ... u2311301 GASKET FOR INROW CW 3- ... ... 240v * ALL UNITS 200/400 ... ) 530-1138A WIRE ASSY FM 208v JUMPER 0w2540 WIRE ASSY FM 208v JUMPER SET w0h-0152 WIRE ASSY FM 230v JUMPER 0w2541 WIRE ASSY FM 380v JUMPER 0w2542 WIRE ASSY FM 400v JUMPER 0w2543 WIRE ASSY FM 415V JUMPER 0w2544 WIRE ASSY FM 460v JUMPER [PART OF SHIP LOOSE KIT] 0w2545 WIRE ASSY FM 480v JUMPER 0w2546 WIRE CLIP - BLACK
What are the different types of configurations for an EcoAisle System?
Dual Row - Ceiling Single Row - Ceiling Dual Row - Ducted ... § InRow ... § InRow

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