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    Unattended Graceful Shutdown of Cisco Unity Express with an APC UPS
    ... APC Smart- UPS (SUA, ... ap9840 shutdown serial cable Cisco IOS Software Release ... APC Smart- UPS . To enable Cisco IOS Software to monitor the signal form the APC UPS , the following Cisco IOS Software configuration ... ... where is the Cisco Unity Express slot number ... APC’s Smart- UPS ™ with prefix ... using the serial cable . The cable requires connectivity to ... port of the Cisco Unity Express module. ... The Smart- UPS will only initiate ... ... , the APC UPS requires the shutdown signal to be asserted ... before the APC UPS shuts down.
    What do I gain with a Unity Output Power Factor (kW=kVA)?
    The advantage of unity power factor is that these UPS systems are 100% compatible with today's high power factor loads.
    Computers containing PFC (Power Factor Corrected) power supplies and their use Back-UPS and Smart-UPS SC with Step Approximated Sine waves.
    ... is being achieved by the computer’s PFC power supply) is 1.0 ( unity ), meaning 100% of the power is ...
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