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What are the operational conditions for an InRoom (Stulz) Unit
The InRoom precision air conditioning units operate within ... Chilled water -/ cooling water pipes: Maximum water head pressure: ... ... piping between the cooling unit and the ... ... condenser and the cooling unit: 5 ... is below the cooling unit Entering water temperature (EWT ... Leaving water temperature (LWT) for CW coil: 12°C (53.6°F) ... Cooling fluid (DX): 30% Glycol ... Chilled water medium (CW): 0% Glycol ... Downflow units with an external static pressure: 20 Pa (0.08 in w g)
APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
APC Cooling Unit identification. All Cooling Units. ... FM Air/ Water /Glycol W= Water Cooled F= Water Cooled D= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled ... B= Glycol Cooled ... P= Glycol Cooled ... W= Hot Water ... Humidifier D= Downflow ... coil C= Chilled Water ... Humidifier D= Downflow C= Chilled Water ... Main C= Chilled Water W= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled BA=208 ... ... Humidifier D= Downflow W= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled D= Downflow W= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled
General functions of a MicroAC control platform DG3
Data Center Cooling ... The MicroAC is an electronic control for the complete management of precision air-conditioners , both in direct expansion versions (with 1 or 2 compressors), with 1 or 2 heating elements or with batteries (valve on the heating battery and/or valve on the cooling battery). ... In addition, it can also be used in precision units for "Shelters" with management of the condenser fan .
How to navigate through an Network Air FM unit display
... NetworkAIR FM DX Precision Air Conditioner . ... MultiCool® ( chilled water ) and DX ... ... , then the cooling setpoint is used ... Water ... avoid over- cooling while dehumidifying. ... the modes ( cooling , reheat, ... ... for fluid- cooled options ... of fluid- cooled option. ... (glycol or water ) flow to ... ... will switch the cool or dehumidify mode ... ... —for the water or glycol line ... ... —for the chilled water input to the MultiCool coil or chilled water coil (Systems using chilled water only). ... the MultiCool, Chilled Water , or Economizer ...
Did APC purchase the AirFlow Company?
American Power Conversion Expands Availability Solutions with Acquisition of Airflow Company A precision cooling device goes beyond commercial building air conditioning or "comfort cooling " equipment to help enhance availability of critical IT and telecommunications ...
Where are your NetworkAIR ACFM manuals?
NetworkAIR FM DX, Precision , CRAC, Perimeter, CRAH ... , acfm400, Air-cooled, Water - cooled , Glycol- cooled
How does a chilled water actuator work on an acrc301h to control dew point after a power loss?
Upon restart, the fans start first to allow the sensors some time to recognize the air temperature and humidity as well as the fluid ...
Why doesn't my flow switch shut my Legacy AC down?
Data Center Cooling ... This issue is the DG5 Controller is not changing the state of the water flow switch, which does not shut the AC unit down. The water flow switch is wired into Digital Input 7 is set to wtrfl2
Does the NetShelter VED Kit provide cooling?
... VED Kit provides cooling . ... choose the correct cooling option. ... to a larger AC unit. Servers and IT equipment have their own fans which force hot air to the back of the cabinet. If there is no larger AC unit drawing that hot air from the cabinet into the VED, then into the plenum, it might be advisable to incorporate an ARU (acf400, acf402) instead of a VED.

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