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    How to configure the SRC 5,6,8 & 10 KVA UPS Models External Battery Packs using the LCD display
    ... Configuration of SRC battery packs via the LCD ... Smart- UPS Online Batteries need to be ... added to the UPS in order for ... to properly calculate runtime ... the number of battery strings through the ... ... number of attached battery packs . ... to setup the external battery packs , please key ... (Ah of battery ) x (total number of batteries ). ... 16pcs of 5ah battery in series ( ... ... of 100 AH batteries in series( ... ... 16pcs of 5ah battery in series ( ... ... 16pcs of 5ah battery ) ... 20pcs of 7ah battery ) ... 20pcs of 9ah battery ).
    Adding External Batteries to an SU, SUM, SURT, SURTA, SURTD or SUA series Smart-UPS XL
    ... Information on which battery packs are compatible with your UPS or what estimated runtimes will be for ... page for you UPS at http:// www .apc. ...
    How do I select the correct Smart-UPS XL battery pack for my Legacy Smart-UPS?
    Cause: "XL" models allow for the use of external batteries to extend runtime .
    How can I adjust the number of battery packs on a Smart-UPS XL?
    Smart- UPS XL products require ... you tell the UPS how many external batteries are connected so that the UPS can properly calculate runtime .
    How to test which battery is bad (internal or external?) on a Smart-Ups XL model
    If the battery packs were added correctly ... example), the UPS becomes aware of the entire battery charge, runtime , and condition.
    Runtime Calibration feature requirements for SMX/SMT units
    UPS load greater than a minimum threshold, which is proportional to the number of External Battery Packs (XBP) connected.
    My smx2200 or smx3000 series Smart-UPS displays "Battery Temperature Sensor Fault"
    The smx2200 and smx3000 series of Smart- UPS use Smart external battery backs to increase runtime .
    Can I use a 230v Smart-UPS in a 277v environment?
    Problems in this type of configuration include: Short runtime due to repeatedly switching to battery operation
    Easy-UPS reports bDC <Battery Disconnected>
    ... SRVPM3KIL-BR, SRVS3KI-AZ, SRVSPM3KIL, dbc, battery disconnected, srv , easy - ups
    Why are the battery charge LEDs flashing on a Smart-UPS?
    Battery Charge LED Bar ... Smart- UPS , Smart- UPS Online ... All Smart- UPS models with model ... When operating on line , the runtime remaining (calculated ... the Smart- UPS microprocessor) must ... than the low battery signal warning time ... If the UPS calculates the runtime remaining as being ... than the low battery signal time, the battery charge graph LEDs ... ... Reset the low battery signal time to ... ... a Smart- UPS with 15 minutes of runtime at full charge ... with the low battery signal warning time ...
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