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How do the evaporator fan speeds work on the ACSC?
How do the evaporator fan speeds work? ... InRow Cooling ... There are a few different ranges for the evaporator fans , depending on the operating mode of the unit. With InRow and RACS modes the fans are continuously variable from 30 %-100%. In Spot/Proportional mode the fans are continuously variable from 50%-100%. In Spot/Discrete mode the user sets a Fan Speed Preference that fixes the evaporator fan speed as follows:
APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
APC Cooling Unit identification. All Cooling Units. ... FM Air/ Water /Glycol FMXXX- XXX - XXX W= Water Cooled F= Water Cooled D= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled ... B= Glycol Cooled ... P= Glycol Cooled ... W= Hot Water ... -CXX- XXX ... coil C= Chilled Water ... -CXX- XXX ... -CXX- XXX C= Chilled Water ... Main C= Chilled Water ... -XX- XXX W= Water Cooled ... G= Glycol Cooled BA=208 ... ... -XX- XXX -X W= Water Cooled
InRow RC Standard and Optional Features
Data Center Cooling ... 1-The Standard Features of the InRow Rc Coolling Unit are as follow: Variable Speed Fans ... Chilled Water Flow Meter ... 30 % ASHRAE 52.1 Filter (MERV 8 per ASHRAE 52.2)
How to navigate through an Network Air FM unit display
... MultiCool® ( chilled water ) and DX ... ... humidity of the room air . ... , then the cooling setpoint is used ... ... either standard ( 30 -40% ... Water ... avoid over- cooling while dehumidifying. ... the modes ( cooling , reheat, ... ... for fluid- cooled options ... of fluid- cooled option. ... (glycol or water ) flow to ... ... will switch the cool or dehumidify mode ... ... —for the water or glycol line ... ... —for the chilled water input to the MultiCool coil or chilled water coil (Systems using chilled water only).
How does a chilled water actuator work on an acrc301h to control dew point after a power loss?
Upon restart, the fans start first to allow the sensors some time to recognize the air temperature and humidity as well as the fluid ...
Are the ACSC condenser fans always on? Are they variable speed?
InRow Cooling ... The condenser fans operate whenever the compressor is operating, otherwise they are off. They are continuously variable speed from 100% down to 30 % in order to maintain a 425 psig refrigerant discharge pressure.
Is the ACSC fan system fault tolerant?
Is the ACSC fan system fault tolerant? ... InRow Cooling ... Yes, there are 2 power supplies in the unit for the condenser and evaporator fans . If 1 fails the other can supply 70% of the maximum power needed, so maximum fan capacity would be reduced approximately 30 %. ... The evaporator fans are also hot swappable.
What is the FM Water Flow Switch Alarms description?
FM Water Flow Switch Alarm ... Data Center Cooling ... If the flow switch is open and the MC/CW valve is a 2 way valve and the valve is open more than 30 % then an alarm is generated. ... If the flow switch is open and [the coil configuration = ECON or the water regulation valve = 3 way or (the water regulation valve = 2 way and the water regulation valve is open more than 30 %)] then an alarm is generated.
Why choose glycol over water?
Why choose glycol over water ? ... All cooling units that require heat exchangers ... Why choose glycol over water ? ... There is a one-time initial cost to fill the system with 30 -40% glycol. ... - Glycol is 5-10% less efficient than water in transferring heat. ... Note! of an based water solution is less ... than the specific heat of clean water . ... Distilled or deionized water should be used for ethylene glycol solutions. City water is often treated with chlorine, which is corrosive, and should be avoided.
Uniflair Humidifier Water Quality
Uniflair Humidifier Water Quality. Data Center Cooling . ... electrodes in the water generates the heat ... to boil the water and the amperometric ... ... closing the feed water solenoid valve and ... ... , the feed water solenoid valve is ... ... of the feed water supply in order ... minerals in the water in the cylinder ... Feed water ... for the feed water for medium- ... ) 300 Iron + manganese mg/l Fe + Mn 0 0.2 Chlorides ppm Cl 0 30 Silica mg/l 0 20 Residual chloride mg/l 0 0.2 Calcium sulphate mg/l ...

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