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Why do ESXi hosts show as disconnected after being shut down by PowerChute Network Shutdown when the vCenter Server is also shut down?

Published date: 04 August 2020

ESXi hosts are disconnected in vCenter Server after being powered on following a UPS critical event where PowerChute Network Shutdown has also shut down the vCenter Server physical machine.

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown version 3.1

VMware vCenter Server

This issue occurs when using an administrator account in PowerChute Network Shutdown that only exists in vCenter instead of an Active Directory or Local User account that exists on both the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server. When the ESXi hosts come back online before the vCenter Server has fully started they incorrectly return their PowerState as PoweredOff to the VMware Java APIs. This prevents PowerChute from starting VMs and performing other tasks correctly. To avoid this issue PowerChute will disconnect and re-connect the host. When the local administrator is configured in PowerChute vCenter Server Settings, PowerChute was incorrectly using these credentials to try to re-connect the ESXi hosts and this failed since the local administrator account does not have access to the ESXi hosts.

1. The recommended solution is to Install PowerChute Network Shutdown version 4.x and configure VMware SSO and use an Active Directory or Local User account in PowerChute that has permissions on both vCenter Server and the ESXi hosts.

Please review Application Note 180 and PowerChute VMware Users Guide


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