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APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
ECWS= External Chilled Water Plus DX ... DX -XX.X-X-XX-X ... DX = Direct Expansion ... 1.1t (3.9kw) DX DX 120 ... NetworkAIR InRow Cooling (Current) ... 1.5t – 1.8t (5. 30kw – 6.5kw) ... 11.5t – 20.8t (40.8kw - 73.3kw) DX (R-410a) ... DX (R-407c)
What filter is being used for your InRow 300mm?
Issue: What filter is being used for your InRow 300mm ?
InRow 300mm, Air filters (w0b1657, W875-2010)
Resolution: There are 2 recommended Air Filters for 300mm InRow Units:
acrp100 Tech Data Manual
acrp100, acrp101, acrp102, acrp500, acrp501, acrp502, Tech DataManual, ACRP, Inrow , DX , Chilled Water
acrp100 Operations and Maintenance Manual
acrp100, acrp101, acrp102, Operations and Maintenance Manual, ACRP, Inrow , DX
acsc100 Operations and Maintenance Manual
acsc100, acsc101, Operations and Maintenance Manual, ACSC, Inrow , DX
acsc100 Tech Data Manual
acsc100, acsc101, Tech Data Manual, ACSC, Inrow , DX

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