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APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
1 -5T Air Cooled or Self-Contained
Schneider Electric's Technical Support Policy for Older Versions of PowerChute Software
... far beyond this stated commitment, but this 1 -year policy is stated here so customers may take it into account for planning purposes ...
Single Phase Symmetra Extended Run (XR) Frame Cable Lengths
This information can be relevant if a user is planning on installing the products in slightly different areas - different racks, for example.
Steps to take when moving a Symmetra Power Array from one location to another
... case you need to either send any components back to the APC or if you plan on moving your UPS in the future.
3 Phase Products Service Level Agreements; Definition of coverage as relates to the service level agreements offered by SE
1 Annual PM Visit ... UPS & PDU Advantage Prime : See attached file; ARUO-ACQGSD_R7_EN_Advantage Prime ... 1 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit ... 1 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit 1 Set of air filters if applicable
DAC, Cancoil Installation Manual
All Models Section 1 . Warranty and ... Air Cooled Condenser DAC Air Cooled Condensers For information ... Section 1 . Cancoil air-cooled condensers have been ... ... be used if air-cooled quipment is located ... ... are based on 1 degree per 100 ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... and should have 1 additional trap per ... Cancoil air-cooled condensers are available ... information regarding the model in question. ... the system with 1 /4” ... 1 . Check the supply voltage when the system is operating.
UPDATED MARCH-2016: Unable to access my APC Network Management Card (NMC) enabled device via HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
... Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) ... ... Network Management Card 1 include (but ... ... who uses any one of the products ... One such example is ... ... future firmware update plans to address this ... ... Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) ... Automatic Transfer Switch models except ... a value of 1 to allow fallback ... Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) Information Bulletin: Effects of Microsoft Internet Explorer and other web browsers blocking key lengths less than 1024 bits​(blocking key lengths less than 1024 bits)
Whether to install a suction line drier or liquid line drier
All Air Cooled Units ... All Product models , all serial numbers ... Installing a suction line drier in an ACRP DX is a tight fit, but possible. The obvious benefit of a suction line filter drier is the added protection given the system if a burnout should occur. The filter will effectively prevent contamination resulting from the failure from traveling back through the suction line into the other parts of the system. This will minimize the contamination remaining in the system when the inoperative compressor is removed. With this said, it is preferred to put the drier in the suction line. If a technician cannot find a suitable suction line drier with replaceable cores to fit inside the ACRP, a liquid line drier would be fine. It is ok to use an additional liquid line drier with replaceable cores. This can be handy since a technician will have more room on the outside liquid line to install isolation valves to keep the downtime to a minimum when replacing cores. The ACRP uses Danfoss liquid line drier pn # 023z4581, 5/8" ODF SOLDER. You will need to find a small suction line filter drier. After the cleaning procedure is completed, recheck in approximately one to two weeks to ensure that the system condition and operation is completely satisfactory.
Choosing the Correct NMC Firmware Upgrade Executable for Your Modular PDU
All Product models ... If your Modular PDU is currently using an NMC1 and you would like to upgrade to NMC2, please contact your Schneider Electric Services representative for replacement plan details. ... These models listed directly below historically have used embedded NMC1 brains, 0G-9354-01 and xrdp v3.X.X firmware. ... There are other modular PDU models , listed below, that already use NMC2 ( model 0G-9357) and with a different application, xrdp v5.1.2. ... There is one SKU PDPB
Rack PDU 2G (AP8XXX) Network Port Sharing Information
... AP8XXX Rack PDU models ... ability to share one IP address via one network connection) ... PDUs using only one ... a number, 1 to 4, ... ... are connected to one another in a ... ... Sharing groups you plan to have. ... " port of one of the grouped ... ... desired order, 1 to 4. ... ... have Display ID 1 . ... contact, basic model properties, firmware ... ... access to outlets 1 , 2, ... 3 on unit 1 , ... 2, outlets 1 through 6 ... , and outlets 1 ,2, ...

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