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Data Center Expert | Trial version VM appears to have 25 nodes available.
This is by design. It was done so APC did not need to add a 5 node key to just this one version.
Data Center Expert | Why does StruxureWare not accept my One Time passcode?
StruxureWare Data Center Expert is not ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert (all ... SturuxureWare Data Center Expert requires a 64 character license key that is created ... and the Data Center Expert's MAC address ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE ... ... purchasing a license key is not the ... ... to a license key . ... = StruxureWare Data Center Expert Basic ... = StruxureWare Data Center Expert Standard ... = StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise ... = StruxureWare Data Center Expert Virtual Machine ... = StruxureWare Data Center Operation ... VM or Data Center Operation.
Data Center Expert | What virtualization environments are supported?
You can purchase a license key to upgrade to a production version to monitor additional device nodes and activate supported applications, or to migrate ...
Data Center Expert | How do hardware and software support contracts work?
... for StruxureWare Data Center Expert. StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert (all ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert appliances come ... The Data Center Expert appliance and ... ... a default 25 nodes (covered under ... as each additional node license. Modbus license keys and surveillance keys do not currently ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert Appliances can ... ... virtual machine activation key (AP94VMACT) ... ... server and license keys back under support ... ... amount of Device Nodes Installed ... Open the Data Center Expert Desktop Client ... ... Settings > License Keys .
Data Center Expert | Migrating from a Physical Appliance to a Virtual Appliance
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE ... StruxureWare Data Center Expert (all ... ... As the data center is moving away ... ... the AP94VMACT activation key to activate the ... ... base 25 device nodes and 1 surveillance node ) your will ... License keys are tied to ... ... for the license keys and the server ... reset the license key passcodes so that ... Register the passcodes obtained from tech support for the license keys against this mac address. Be sure to redeem the activation key passcode as well. ... 9) Import the license keys (starting with the VM activation key ) created from the previous registration step.
Where do I find information on Performing Effective MTBF Comparisons for Data Center Infrastructure
Issue: Where do I find information on Performing Effective MTBF Comparisons for Data Center Infrastructure
How long are the intake and exhaust hoses on the acpa4000?
Data Center Cooling ... The exhaust hose is 10 FT X 8 IN and yes you may have them ducted through a wall. The key point here is that the hot air still needs a way to escape so that it is not recycled through the unit.
My Extended Warranty Registration has failed, what do I do next?
After entering the "APC Registration Key " and "APC Service Serial Number" on our Warranty Registrations Web page and you come across the following error: "Error: Invalid APC Registration key number or invalid APC service serial number ... Please contact our Customer Care Center teams either by phone or through our web form found under "support / contact us / email" on our web site. ... 6. Service Registration Key Number (from box): ... 10 . Model Number of unit to which the Extended Warranty is to be applied:
Network Air FM unit spare parts list
ASSY DOOR FRONT CENTER DF BLACK ... ASSY DOOR FRONT CENTER UF BLK ... A16-30- 10 -81 ... a40-30- 10 -81 ... a30-30- 10 -81 ... A9-30- 10 -81 Door Assy FRONT CENTER DF BLACK ... Door Assy FRONT CENTER UF BLK ... Key ... P66 Controller Single Circuit (dual circuit)P66-AAB- 10
Which NetShelter cabinets are now Cisco Certified for pre-racking and shipping with UCS equipment?
APC, the leading provider of physical infrastructure for data centers & integrated IT solutions is proud to announce - the NetShelter SX with Shock ...

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