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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
3 AP 8959 AP 8959EU3 AP 8959NA3 AP 8961 AP 8965 AP 8981 AP 900 AP 90000 AP 90010 AP 900100 AP 900200 AP 900500 AP 90055 AP 9006 AP 90065 AP 9007 AP 9015 AP 9020 AP 9100SP AP 9105SP AP 9110 AP 91100 AP91200 AP 9135 AP 91500 AP 9207 AP 92100 AP 9211 AP 9212 AP 9215 AP 9217 AP 9218 AP 92200 AP 9221
What is the maximum length of cable that can be used to connect between my IP/Cat5 KVM (AP5401/AP5405) and attached servers?
The APC IP/Cat 5 KVM switches require the use of all 8 wires (4 pairs), 3 bi-directional (+/-) pairs for RGB (Red, Green, & Blue) video and 1 bi-directional pair for serial Keyboard/Mouse traffic. If you wish to use Ethernet patch panels with the APC IP/Cat5 KVM to server module connections, you must make sure the panels are wired with all 8 wires (4 pairs). Supported Ethernet Cables:
If we install the APC-MGE proposed leakage sensors AP9325/ 9326 , can we send dedicated notification via dry contact of this sensor to our BMS which knows modbus?
So it cannot be used to monitor specific "water detected" alarm. - See ACRC Operation Maintenance Manual for details.
AP9613 Status LED Behavior Explanation
Issue What does the LED indicator on the AP 9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot card indicate?
AP7003 Exhaust Duct Installation Manual
Issue: AP 7003 Exhaust Duct Installation Manual
AP8xxx incorrect Hardware Revision number
Issue Certain AP 8xxx PDU's were manufactured with a different value in the "hardware revision" field
AP9620 Legacy Communications Card (LCC) Compatibility
Issue AP 9620 Legacy Communications Card (LCC) Purpose, Compatibility and Installation Requirements
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