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TFTPD32.exe no longer bundled in NetBotz firmware download

Published date: 11 September 2020

TFTPD32.exe no longer bundled in NetBotz firmware download

Product Line:

NetBotz firmware downloads 4.5.1 and after

Some antivirus programs see TFTPD32.exe as a vulnerability. In all actuality, it is not a vulnerability, however some vulnerabilities may include TFTPD32.exe in order to install themselves

Due to customer concerns, we no longer provide this tftp program with our future downloads. The files used to update using this feature are still available in the download. If you have a tftp program available and wish to that program, you may do so. If you wish to download the tftpd32.exe program, it is available here:

NOTE: Your browser may prompt you with security notifications that you may need to bypass in order to download the file.  It is recommended that you follow your company's security guidelines when downloading content.

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