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NetworkAIR FM Extended Power Down Procedure

Published date: 18 July 2020


Proper Shutdown of Network Air FM Unit

Product line:

Network Air FM


All Product models, all serial numbers


Refrigerant migration during long off periods



Follow instructions below for proper shutdown




At the LCD Panel, press ESC key

To stop the System, select the On/Off option on the main menu and change the setting to OFF.

Password should be apc, unless this was changed.


Change the setting to OFF to shut down all modes of operation and the blower fan; the display and the controller continue to receive power.  For Systems with electric reheat, the blower fans may continue to operate for up to 60 seconds to purge heat from the System.


Next please open the left hand door and remove the middle door.  Open the long horizontal sheet metal door.  Proceed to flip the extremely large grey ABB breakers labeled CB01 and CB02 [Chilled Water application] to the off position.  If this is an Air Cooled, Glycol, or Water Cooled system, it is advised to power the crankcase heaters if the system is going to be off for a long period of time and, or in a cold climate.  A crankcase heater's sole purpose is to prevent refrigerant migration and mixing with crankcase oil, when the unit is off, and to prevent condensation of refrigerant in the crankcase of a compressor. The crankcase heater is designed to keep the refrigerant at a temperature higher than the coldest part of the system.


When this step is completed you may close the electrical box and put the doors back to their original position. You are all set with shutting the NetworkAIR FM off for an extended period of time.



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