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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Operations Mobile Operations VIZOR
Data Center Operation | What security vulnerability is this software vulnerable to?
Issue: What security vulnerability is StruxureWare Data Center Operation vulnerable to?
What to do when StruxureOn app stops working
StruxureOn iPhone app StruxureOn Android app
New demo available: IT Expert and EcoStruxure IT app
EcoStruxure IT app demo The IOS and Android apps are currently rolling into the app stores, so it might take a day or two before they are available ...
Using Extension Cords in the Data Center - FAQ
Environment Data Center Applications
How do I set on duty or off duty in the StruxureOn smartphone app?
How do I set on duty or off duty in the StruxureOn smartphone app ? ... Data Center Expert 7.4.X ... Android StruxureOn smartphone app ... ), and ensure all users understand the importance of reporting on/off duty in the app . ... Usage As a user, when you're using the app and are on duty, remember to report on duty in the app (upper right corner) so your colleagues and Schneider Electric Service Bureau know you're available.
How do I upgrade and activate premium devices in StruxureOn?
Data Center Expert 7. ... StruxureOn Smartphone App Android ... using the StruxureOn app , you get ... If you want the full experience of StruxureOn, with predictive analysis, smart alarming, and remote diagnostics from the experts monitoring your data center , upgrade your devices to Premium. ... About Premium 24/7 expert monitoring of your data center ... The StruxureOn app gives you an instant overview of your sensor data and alarms. ... Connect all devices in your data center and you will get predictive analysis and be able to benchmark with connected data centers worldwide. ... To upgrade a device In the app , navigate to Devices

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