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SRT UPS Battery "Replace By" Date Not Updating

Problem: The battery "Replace By" date is not updating even after replacing the batteries in the UPS or a connected battery pack.

Product line: UPS models with SRT prefix
Note: This does not apply to SRTL3KRM1UC UPS models, or UPS models with SRTG prefix

Environment: All models, all serial numbers


For UPS systems with no external battery packs connected:
  1. Disconnect the battery that is reporting an inaccurate "Replace By" date.
  2. Wait until the UPS LCD displays a "Battery Disconnected" event.
  3. Reconnect the battery. The UPS will prompt an acknowledgement message, and will require to confirm if the reconnected battery is new. Select Yes.
  4. Wait for 15 minutes and verify that the battery Install date and "Replace By" date have updated accordingly.

Note: This article will be updated at a later date to cover UPS systems with battery packs connected.

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