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What are some of the applications for the InRow ACRD?

What are some of the applications for the InRow ACRD? 
Product line:
ACRD100, ACRD101, ACRD200, ACRD201
InRow Cooling
The InRow RD is an InRow air conditioner designed for closets, server rooms and small data centers.
~ Flexibility is a key feature required for Closet and Server Room environments which allows IT managers, facilities managers and contractors to install the same unit in different applications as a result of flexible heat rejection options like air and fluid based.
~ Many customers who are building new IT assets are looking to replace old legacy cooling methods with newer cutting edge efficient technologies. The InRow RD is a great option with its wide range of capacities and ability to scale with loads as it offers the benefits of close coupled cooling.
~ As virtualization becomes a more relied upon server platform, new cooling problems arise in the data center and the closet as virtualization creeps in. The InRow RD allows for more predictable cooling in this new IT environment by removing the heat directly at the source. The closer the air conditioner is to the source of the heat, the less likely air mixing of hot and cold air streams will occur.
~ As the load change, the demand for cooling will increase. Typical data center cooling looks at the temperature of the room to adjust capacity. With dynamic loads the room temperatures may never fluctuate in response to theses loads. The InRow RD is controlled via multiple modes using a rack inlet temperature probe, which enables quick response to changing demands, thus protecting expensive IT assets.
~ The InRow RD provides the ability to have two different media of heat rejection both using Direct expansion in addition to its capability of handling low loads of 2-20KW which makes it a great choice for customers with long term growth plans.

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