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What is the signal range for Netbotz wireless sensors?

How far can NetBotz wireless devices communicate?

Product Line:
Netbotz Appliance

Netbotz Appliance Version

Expected range of NetBotz wireless sensors.


Supported devices on the NetBotz wireless network

The Wireless Temperature Sensor is always configured as an End Device in your wireless sensor network.

The following wireless devices can be configured as a Coordinator or Router:

Sensor Name                                          Range                Part Number
NetBotz USB Coordinator & Router     100 ft-line of sight     NBWC100U
NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180      100 ft-line of sight     NBPD0180

The following wireless devices can be configured as an End Device:

Sensor Name                                          Range                Part Number
NetBotz Temperature Sensor            100 ft -line of sight     NBWS100T/ NBWS100H
NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180         100 ft -line of sight     NBPD0180

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