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How does the fire Safe System work on the EcoAisle

How does the fire Safe System work on the EcoAisle.

Product line:

Only ACRC100, EcoBreeze. 



•         Fire Safe System

•         There are building codes and standards that are requiring that a contained aisle must allow fire suppression.  There are two types of fire suppression.  One is a gaseous agent that depletes the oxygen in the room extinguishing the fire.  The other is a wet pipe sprinkler.  Almost all datacenters must have a wet pipe system.  Ceiling containment systems create a barrier between the sprinklers in the ceiling of the room and a thermal event in the aisle should one occur.  The AHJ is requiring that the sprinkler heads be dropped through the ceiling panels or that the ceiling containment panels be removed.

•         The Fire Safe system will detect a thermal event by temperature, sound an alarm (visible and audible) and the drop the ceiling panels from position allowing full access to the aisle of the sprinklers at the room level.  This system is UL723S tested and certified.  The system does have an option of having the ceiling panels drop based on smoke.  The smoke detector would have to be customer supplied and connected to the system.  









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