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How many cables can fit into a vertical or horizontal cable manager, or through an opening in a NetShelter cabinet?

Customers need to know approximately how many cables will fit into specific cable management products.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX, NetShelter Cable Management

All versions and serial ranges.

Need to manage cables neatly in a cabinet or rack.

The document attached below shows estimated fill rates for various APC cable management products and openings in NetShelter cabinets. The estimates take into account the outer diameter of the cable and fill ratio. This produces a fairly accurate estimate. Fill ratio is the percentage of available space that's unused because there are air gaps between the cables. The fill ratio factors in this unused area. 

There are two files attached below:
REV4 is a very large document that's may be dificult to read. 
REV5 is an abbreviated version of Rev4. It has fewer columns so it opens nicely into a legible document. 


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