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How to clean Heatcraft-Larkin Refrigeration condensers

This document describes how to clean Heatcraft-Larkin Refrigeration condensers.
Product line:
Heatcraft Condensers, LNE, FCB, KH1,SCS, LNH,
All Product models, all serial numbers.
Install, Repair

Air cooled condensing units require a minimum of maintenance. The unit coil will require a periodic cleaning and this can be accomplished by a brush, vacuum cleaner, pressurized airstream or a commercially available coil cleaning foam. All of the condenser fan motors have sealed ball bearings. The only acceptable service to these bearings is replacement.
Cleaning Instructions

Heatcraft recommends that the finned surface of this unit be cleaned approximately every six (6) months; more frequent cleaning may be required if extreme conditions cause clogging or fouling of air passages through the finned surface.  Calgon Corporation's CalClean 41352 (or equal) should be acceptable for cleaning this unit. CalClean should be applied liberally to entering air and leaving air surfaces of the finned area in accordance with the label directions.
CAUTION: Under no circumstances should this unit be cleaned with an acid-based cleaner.

Reference Heatcraft-Larkin Refrigeration Products Remote Air Cooled Condensers Manual.  Bulletin H-IM-73A June 2000 Part Number 90800801

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