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Mass Configuration in StruxureWare DCE does not copy passwords for APC devices or "Incomplete configuration".


Mass Configuration in ISX Central does not copy passwords for APC devices.

Product Line:

InfraStruxure Central,
StruxureWare Central,
StruxureWare Data Center Expert.


InfraStruXure Central 5.1 and higher. All monitored APC devices.


By design.


In InfraStruXure Central (ISXC) 5.0.x, mass configuration of APC devices is not an available option. In ISXC 5.1  there is a mass configuration option for APC devices. There are options where you can pull the configuration from one device and push that configuration to one or more devices. This option will not, by default, pull the user name and password from the initial device.

There is an option however to edit the configuration after it is pulled from the initial device and before it is pushed to the target devices. The user name and password of the device can be changed and pushed to the target device(s) to mass configure the user name and password. After ISX Central pushes the config, it will try to pull it from the device again to verify what it sent against what the device is providing in the configuration file. Since we can not pull this value to verify it, Central will show an "Incomplete Configuration" error message. The value should be pushed however and logging in with the new password will verify this.

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