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Can more than one Interface Expander (part number AP9607) be used in one configuration?


Can more than one Interface Expander be used in one configuration?

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • Interface Expander - AP9607/AP9607B

  • All serial numbers
  • Installing multiple SmartSlot accessories
  • Supported UPS applications


A user may need multiple interface expanders in one UPS to provide additional simple signalling ports to attached devices.


Multiple Interface Expanders can be used in the same configuration seated within a Triple Chassis (AP9604/AP9604BLK). The dip switches on both the Interface Expander cards must match. Otherwise, the timer settings will override the confirm mode settings.

Also, if more than (2) Interface Expander cards are installed to one Triple Chassis, you must supply power to the Triple Chassis. The power required for the Triple Chassis is 24VDC. APC sells a DC power adapter that may be used, AP9505.

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