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    Why does my SMC Series Smart-UPS switch to battery when it encounters high voltage?
    smc1000, smc1500, smc1000- 2u , smc1500- 2u , voltage , avr, trim, on battery, boost, ...
    What are the basic troubleshooting steps for the Smart-UPS smc1000-2U / smc1500-2U ?
    ... UPS smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U ? smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U - All Serial ... ... note that the LCD screen may be lit ... ... no input utility voltage Check the utility ... ... check the utility voltage . ... distorted input line voltage . ... Test the input voltage with the utility voltage display. ... Internal Fault Contact APC Support for further ... Take care to note the exact fault message on the LCD Display All LEDs are illuminated and the UPS is plugged into a wall outlet The UPS has shut down and the battery has discharged from an extended outage.
    How accurate is the current monitor on my APC Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Rack Automatic Transfer Switch ?
    ... ) ± (3% + 1 digit) Accuracy (Bank Current - 2U units) ± ... deviation 3/ 5 /10hz
    Differences between ap7xxx and ap7xxxb Series Rack PDU's
    AP8853 Metered AP7823 - APC Rack PDU, Metered, 2U , AP7823
    Video: How to mount a Rack Mount Symmetra or Rack Mount Smart-UPS to a 2 Post Rack?
    All Rackmount Smart-UPS 2U or larger in height, as well as associated external battery packs
    UPS Interface Expander 2 SmartSlot Card (AP9624) - Incorrect System Behavior for Some Master Server Control Functions
    ... Tower (firmware UPS 08.0 or greater) UPS 09.3 SMT 2U Rackmount UPS 09.3 SMT 1U ...
    What is the U-height of the upper and lower ducts on AR7715?
    The ducts of the AR7715 take 2U each, for a total of 4U. Adding 4U to the height of the ...
    Smart-UPS C Series FAQ
    ... part number, they are available as dedicated Tower or Rack-Mount models in 1000 VA and 1500 VA capacities.
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