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Why some of the settings in the NMC are grayed out or unavailable

Issue: Grayed out settings in the NMC web interface and limited commands listed in via NMC CLI (SSH/Telnet)

NMC Web Interface:

Telnet Access:

Product Line: Network Management Card 2 and Network Management Card 3.

Environment: AP9630, AP9631, AP9640, and AP9641

Cause: Login credentials used is a read-only account.

Resolution: Inform the customer that the account that they are using has limited access. Read-Only User account has limited access, both through the Web interface and via Telnet/SSH.

The read-only account is used to view status information and not to control the NMC/UPS by changing any configured value. For additional information, please refer to FA170552 to know the different NMC user types and their permission definitions.

If the customer does not have administrator access to the NMC2, and can no longer locate the administrator credentials, a password reset is needed to gain access to the device (See FA156075 for the NMC Password Reset Procedure). However, if the NMC2 is running firmware v6.8.0 or higher, (where password reset is unavailable) the customer would need to reset the NMC to factory default settings to gain access to the NMC. This is done by holding down the reset button for 20 seconds. This also applies to NMC3 (AP9640 and AP9641) as well.

Note: Downloading the logs via the web is also not available at the "device" account.

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