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Java Cryptography Extension requirement for connecting to Nutanix Cluster in PowerChute Network Shutdown

In certain geographies, it is necessary to install the Java Cryptography Extension policy files to connect to a Nutanix Cluster that requires a 256-bit cipher.
PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.3

All supported operating systems


Due to the import control restrictions of some countries, the version of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) policy files that are bundles with the Java Runtime Environment 8 (JRE 8) allow ‘strong’ but limited cryptography to be used: they have in-built restrictions on available cryptographic strength. Depending on your geographical location (e.g. outside of the United States), to connect to a Nutanix Cluster that requires a 256-bit cipher, it may be necessary to first download and install the Unlimited Strength JavaTM Cryptography Extension (JCE) Policy Files available from the
Oracle website.
NOTE: It is recommended to consult your export/import control counsel or legal counsel to determine the exact cryptographic strength required for your geographical jurisdiction.

Steps to install the JCE policy files:

  1. Download and extract the Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Files available on the Oracle website.
  2. Navigate to the installed directory of PowerChute Network Shutdown. If the default location was chosen during installation, this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute or C:\Program Files\APC\PowerChute depending on your operating system.
  3. Navigate to \<jre>\lib\security and replace the existing Policy Files with the ones extracted in Step 1.
    • This folder will be named jre_x64 or jre_x86 depending on your operating system.
  4. Restart the PowerChute Network Shutdown service.
NOTE: This issue is resolved in PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.4 which uses OpenJDK 14. 

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