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How do I update the firmware of my CSH, SCL, SMC, SMT, SMTL, SMX, SRT, SRTL, XP and XU series Smart-UPS using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard?


The Firmware Upgrade Wizard (FUW) is the most universal and preferred method of updating.

If a previous version of the Firmware Upgrade Wizard or Firmware Images are installed, delete the old version and download the latest revision.

Links to download all necessary files can be found at the end of this document.

IMPORTANT: Certain UPS models do not support firmware update using a USB connection. To update the firmware of these UPS units using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard, a local connection via serial cable must be used.
The serial cable supplied with the UPS must be used. Refer to the table below to verify USB support.

Product Line:

Smart-UPS models with the prefixes CSH, SCL, SMC, SMT, SMTL, SMX, SRT, SRTL, XP, and XU

Note: The Firmware Upgrade Wizard does not support the below Smart-UPS devices:
  • Models with the prefixes SRC, SU, SUA, SUM, SURT, SURTA, SURTD
  • SMX750, SMX1000, and SMX1500 with ID 11 and firmware UPS 02.x or lower. These units are 120V devices built prior to date code 1037. The date code is the first 4 numbers in your serial number. For example, serial number AS1036123456 would not be supported.
  • Devices not supported in the current release: SMT750RMJ1U, SMT2200, SMC2200XLI-BR


The system requirements for the Firmware Upgrade Wizard are as follows:
Operating systems: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 Pro, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022

To find the current UPS Firmware version via the UPS LCD display:
The Firmware Upgrade Wizard will detect the current version.
Alternately, from the main menu of the UPS LCD screen, select "About" and scroll down to "UPS Firmware".

To find the current UPS Firmware version via Firmware Upgrade Wizard:
Run the Firmware Upgrade Wizard and it will identify the current firmware version before performing the update.

To find the current UPS ID:
Every Smart-UPS has a unique UPS ID. This can be found in the "About" menu on the UPS LCD screen, or in the NMC web interface.
  • Follow the link the video guide on How to locate the UPS ID for APC Smart-UPS
  • The same models of UPS may have different UPS IDs depending on when they were produced.
  • The final firmware version will be determined by the UPS ID and not the Model Number of the UPS.
  • If the UPS ID is not listed in the below table, it does not have an update available.
  • The Firmware Upgrade Wizard will select the correct version for the unit you are updating.
Note: it is not recommended to perform a firmware downgrade to a lower firmware version than the current UPS firmware.

Some of the following firmware files are not bundled with the current release of the Firmware Upgrade Wizard (FUW). Always check the product page on apc.com for the latest firmware file. Example:

download from web
Firmware FileLatest
Update with
Output On
CSH5008CSH5008UPS_02-7.encUPS 02.7YesNoYesFUW
SCL1029SCL1029UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5YesYesYesFUW
SCL1030SCL1030UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5NoYesYesFUW
SCL1036SCL1036UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5YesYesYesFUW
SCL1037SCL1037UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5NoYesYesFUW
SCL1048SCL1048UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesYesFUW
SCL1049SCL1049UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5NoYesYesFUW
SCL1051SCL1051UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5NoYesYesFUW
SCL1052SCL1052UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesYesFUW
SMC1000SMC1000UPS_10-0.encUPS 10.0NoNoYesFUW
SMC1005SMC1005UPS_15-1.encUPS 15.1NoNoYesFUW
SMC1007SMC1007UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
SMC1018SMC1018UPS_17-0.encUPS 17.0YesYesYesFUW
SMC1028SMC1028UPS_17-0.encUPS 17.0YesYesYesFUW
SMC1061SMC1061UPS_02-0.encUPS 02.0YesYesYesFUW
SMT17SMT17UPS_07-1.encUPS 07.1NoNoYesFUW
SMT18SMT18UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
SMT20SMTSMX20UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoNoFUW
SMT1015SMT1015UPS_17-2.encUPS 17.2YesYesYesFUW
SMT1027SMT1027UPS_17-2.encUPS 17.2YesYesYesFUW
SMT1031SMTSMX1031UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5YesYesYesFUW
SMT1039SMT1039UPS_15-1.encUPS 15.1NoYesYesFUW
SMT1040SMT1040UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
SMT1041SMT1041UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
SMT1050SMTSMX1050UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesYesFUW
SMT1059SMT1059UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesYesFUW
SMT1060SMT1060UPS_02-0.encUPS 02.0YesYesYesFUW
SMTL1026SMTL1026UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5YesYesYesFUW
SMTL1047SMTL1047UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesYesFUW
SMTL1064SMTL1064UPS_01-8.encUPS 01.8YesYesYesFUW
SMX20SMTSMX20UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoNoFUW
SMX23SMX23UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
SMX1003SMX1003UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoNoFUW
SMX1031SMTSMX1031UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5NoYesYesFUW
SMX1050SMTSMX1050UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5NoYesYesFUW
SRT1001*SRT1001UPS_02-9.encUPS 02.9NoNoYesFUW
SRT1002SRT1002UPS_15-1.encUPS 15.1NoNoYesFUW
SRT1010SRT1010UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 07.9YesYesFUW
SRT1013SRT1013UPS_15-1.encUPS 15.1NoNoNoFUW
SRT1014SRT1014UPS_15-1.encUPS 15.1NoNoNoFUW
SRT1019SRT1019UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 07.1YesYesFUW
SRT1020SRT1020UPS_15-8.encUPS 15.8YesYesYesFUW
SRT1021SRT1021UPS_15-6.encUPS 15.6NoYesYesFUW
SRT1024SRTSRTL1024UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 00.4YesYesFUW
SRT1025SRTXU1025UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 07.3YesYesFUW
SRT1043SRTXU1043UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5From UPS 16.5YesYesFUW
SRT1044SRT1044UPS_16-9.encUPS 16.9YesYesYesFUW
SRT1045SRT1045UPS_16-6.encUPS 16.6NoYesYesFUW
SRT1046SRTSRTL1046UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5From UPS 16.5YesYesFUW
SRTL1024SRTSRTL1024UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 00.4YesYesFUW
SRTL1034SRTL1034UPS_06-3.encUPS 06.3YesYesYesse.com
SRTL1035SRTL1035UPS_06-3.encUPS 06.3YesYesYesse.com
SRTL1046SRTSRTL1046UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5From UPS 16.5YesYesFUW
SRTL1062SRTL1062UPS_4-3.encUPS 04.3YesYesYesse.com
SRTL1063SRTL1063UPS_4-3.encUPS 04.3YesYesYesse.com
XP1016XP1016UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0NoNoYesFUW
XU1017XU1017UPS_15-6.encUPS 15.6From UPS 01.4YesN/AFUW
XU1025SRTXU1025UPS_15-5.encUPS 15.5From UPS 07.6YesYesFUW
XU1033XU1033UPS_15-6.encUPS 15.6From UPS 00.3YesN/AFUW
XU1043SRTXU1043UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5From UPS 16.5YesYesFUW
XU1057XU1057UPS_16-5.encUPS 16.5YesYesN/AFUW
XU1058XU1058UPS_16-6.encUPS 16.6YesYesN/AFUW

  1. *For SRT UPS models with ID1001, the UPS firmware must be updated twice. First update the UPS firmware using SRT1001UPS_02-9.enc. This will change the UPS ID to 1013. Once the update is completed, perform the firmware update again using SRT1013UPS_15-0.enc
  2. We do not recommend using these firmware files for now. For more information, please refer to FAQ000266396.
  3. As shown in the above table, in some cases, there are two or more firmware images listed for the same UPS ID. The selection of the appropriate file is taken care by a new feature in Firmware Upgrade Wizard, that shows only the relevant and latest firmware for the connected UPS.
  4. If update via USB is not supported, or if updating via serial cable, the serial cable that is included with the UPS must be used.
  5. If updating a UPS unit due to a "Needs Firmware Update" or "Battery Sys Error 0800" alarm, the external battery packs MUST be connected when performing the update. If more external battery packs are connected at a later date and the issue returns, the firmware update must be performed again with all battery packs connected. Updating an SRT UPS unit may take up to 20 minutes to complete. The more external battery packs are connected, the longer the update may take.
  6. In rare situations, the UPS firmware update may not install automatically after the firmware file was transferred to the UPS. Refer to FAQ000258266 to complete the firmware update.


Download the Firmware Upgrade Wizard compressed zip file as well as the Firmware Upgrade Wizard User Guide attached to this document.

The Firmware Upgrade Wizard compressed zip file contains the self-extracting executable file bundled with all necessary UPS firmware images. Read the Firmware Upgrade Wizard User Guide before performing the update. The User Guide provides a complete step by step walk through of the process including all necessary screenshots. The complete process will take 5-20 minutes, depending on the UPS model.

For any issues encountered during the update process or any additional questions, please contact APC Tech Support .

Note: Verify the hash key of the Firmware Upgrade Wizard compressed zip file after downloading. The current hash value is cdf090a5203e9e0c1ea094d96faa68a5:.
  1. Open Command Prompt.
  2. Change the directory to the folder where the downloaded Smart-UPS_Firmware_Upgrade_Wizard_v4.3.8.zip was saved:
    • This is typically done using he "cd" command
    • For example, if the Smart-UPS_Firmware_Upgrade_Wizard_v4.3.8.zip file was saved to the Downloads folder, the command may look like: "cd C:\Users\Username\Downloads", or "cd Downloads"
  3. Run the command "certutil -hashfile Smart-UPS_Firmware_Upgrade_Wizard_v4.3.8.zip MD5"
  4. Compare and verify that the displayed hash value corresponds to cdf090a5203e9e0c1ea094d96faa68a5.

The following instructions describe how to use “Firmware Upgrade Wizard” to upgrade the UPS firmware with "*.enc" firmware files downloaded separately.
  1. Download the firmware image file (*.enc ) and save it to a folder.
  2. Download the Firmware Upgrade Wizard and user guide from “Attachments(s)” section of Knowledge Base article FA279197 on the APC website.
  3. Follow the instructions described in “Firmware Update Process: Step by Step Walkthrough” section of Firmware Upgrade Wizard user guide to start the firmware upgrade process.
  4. As described in the step six of user guide, when the Firmware Upgrade Wizard displays “Select Device Firmware” dialog, click “Browse” to navigate the location to where you saved the manually downloaded firmware image file.
  • FUW 1
  • The “Open” dialog only displays firmware image file that is compatible for the connected UPS. Select an appropriate firmware image file and click “Open”.
  • FUW 2
5. Follow the rest of instructions as described in the user guide to complete the upgrade process.

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