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PowerChute Business Edition version 9.1.x, v9.5 Agent - Potential Issues with Overlapping Scheduled Shutdowns

Issue 1:
With two overlapping scheduled shutdowns: If one starts at the same time as the other ends, the schedule with the lower priority might run.
Product Line:

PowerChute Business Edition v9.1.x, v9.5+

All v9.1.x, v9.5+ Agents
A dialog with the following message might also display when one of the schedules is pending:
"Some of your overlapping schedules may not run as expected. This could be due to a recent change in the outlet group supplying power to the PowerChute Agent".

Two scheduled shutdowns that overlap.


If you want to schedule overlapping shutdowns, ensure that the first does not end at the same time as the second starts.

With two overlapping scheduled shutdowns; both might run if the higher priority is scheduled to start first.
The higher priority schedule is the least frequent. For example, if a once-off schedule overlaps a weekly schedule, the once-off schedule gets priority, as PowerChute assumes the customer wants to overwrite the weekly schedule.

In the scenario outlined in the summary above:
* if the once-off schedule is scheduled to start first, both schedules may run.
* if the daily schedule (lower priority) is scheduled to start first, then standard overlapping rules apply and the lower priority schedule does not run.
This can cause additional unexpected behaviour on UPS’s with both a Main Outlet Group (MOG) and Switched Outlet Groups (SOGs), where the MOG is only in the lower priority schedule. In this case the MOG may not shut down as expected.

If you have overlapping schedules where the higher priority starts first, be aware that both may run.
It is advisable not to schedule overlapping schedules with a higher priority schedule starting first if you have a UPS with both a MOG and SOGs.

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