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How do I reset the password on my IP or Analog KVM (AP5401 or AP5405 only) or Console Port Server (AP9301/AP9302/AP9303)?


Lost or forgotten password on an IP or analog KVM Switch or Console Port Server

Product Line
•IP KVM Switches
• AP5401
• AP5405
Console Port Servers
• AP9301
• AP9302
• AP9303


• All serial numbers
• All firmware versions


Procedure needed for lost or forgotten password

The default usernames that are set up on the AP5401 or AP5405 KVM Switches or AP9301/AP9302/AP9303 Console Port Servers to access the Linux OS are either apc/apc or for root access, root/apc.
In order to reset the password(s) on an AP5401/AP5405 KVM switch or AP9301/AP9302/AP9303 CPS, you will need the following items:
  • Terminal Access via a serial port to the device
  • Console cable included with the KVM switch or CPS (RJ-45 to DB9)
  • Ability to power down the device
  • To read the procedure top to bottom prior to executing the instructions
  1. Establish a terminal session with the KVM or CPS by connecting the console cable to the RJ-45 Console Port on the KVM or CPS and the DB9 side to your computer.
Use the following port settings: 9600 baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, parity none, and no flow control.

Ensure that you have communication with the switch by pressing <enter> several times to display a login prompt.

  1. Reboot the KVM or CPS by turning the on/off switch to "off" for five seconds. Turn the KVM or CPS back on and you will see the Linux Operating System booting on the screen and scrolling information.
  1. While reading this scrolling information, wait for the line that begins with "Linux/PPC load:...." When you see this line, immediately type a <space> as many times as you need to for it to register a single space, then type the word single. This will boot you into "single user mode" where you can reset the password.
  1. When in single user mode, you will presented with a prompt. Use the passwd command to reset the password for the root account:

root@none #: passwd
New Password: <enter desired password>
Confirm new password: <confirm desired password>

In order to reset the password for the apc account, repeat the above procedure except changing the first line, as shown below:

root@none #: passwd apc
root@none #: New Password: <enter desired password>
root@none #: Confirm new password: <confirm desired password>

  1. After the above steps have been completed, issue the following command:

root@none #: saveconf

  1. The unit will save the configuration and then a reboot is required which will then allow you to login to the Linux OS.

root@none #: reboot

**If you have forgotten the username and password to the web interface of the KVM or CPS, you will need to access the Linux OS via terminal, and reset the KVM or CPS to defaults using the command below:

root@IP-KVM #: echo x > /proc/flash/script
root@IP-KVM #: reboot

The username and password for the web interface will now be reset to apc/apc.

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