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Temperature Sensor not detected on an AP9631 that was pre-installed in a Symmetra

Published date: 05 October 2018

An issue has been identified with AP9631's that come pre-installed in a single phase Symmetra unit - when connecting the temperature sensor to either UIO port, the NMC web UI will show either "Communication Loss", or will show a temperature sensor is connected, but not give any temperature reading:

Product Line
  • Network Management Card 2 - AP9631

AP9631 models that shipped preinstalled in a Symmetra - affected date range is 5A1641 and newer

These NMC's have an issue that does not allow them to see exactly how many UIO ports they have, which causes this behavior. Other UIO accessories, such as the AP9610 dry contact accessory, will also not work. The NMC will function as expected in all other ways, this issue only affects the UIO ports.

This issue has been resolved in firmware with AOS v6.5.0+. Upgrading the firmware will immediately resolve the problem. The latest revision of firmware can be found on, or available via the Data Center Expert (DCE) catalog.

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