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APC PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.1 for VMware

This cost effective solution simplifies the protection of your virtual IT architecture. PowerChute communicates over the network with your APC UPS to protect your IT environment against power disruptions or extended outages. When combined with VMware HA Clusters, PowerChute can trigger virtual machine migration to maximise uptime before gracefully shutting down virtual machines and hosts.


  • Easy-to-use web interface makes it simple to choose when and how your shutdown occurs, and supports plugins for monitoring and alarms
  • Protects physical and virtual IT environments by working with APC UPS Network Management Card to enable network-based, unattended shutdown of servers and machines; and supports Single, Redundant, Advanced Redundant and Parallel UPS configurations
  • Reduces downtime and protects data integrity even during critical events such as extended power outages

VMware vSphere™ Integration for StruxureWare™ Data Center Operation

The APC VMware vSphere Integration for StruxureWare Data Center Operation combines information from the IT-layer and the physical infrastructure layer, creating more efficient and reliable data centre operations. It also allows data centre managers to automatically migrate virtual machines from one host server to another.


  • Enables automated response to events that put physical infrastructure at risk and guarantees uninterrupted uptime and availability. 
  • Previews and identifies potential negative impact to business critical applications should a physical device fail 
  • Ensures business continuity and prevents data loss with automated failover and zero downtime 
  • Monitors entire IT environment including power, cooling, security and environmental data from VMware vSphere while receiving alerts about events that could put the infrastructure at risk

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