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Network Management Card 4 – EAPoL configuration procedures from Web UI/CLI

EAPoL configuration from the Web UI/CLI in the Network Management Card (NMC) 4.

Galaxy VL – Built-in Network Management Card 4 and AP9644.

NMC firmware - Galaxy VL 10.11.0

The Network Management Card (NMC) 4 EAPoL configuration differs from the NMC 2 and NMC 3 so you may need to check the below points before configuring EAPoL on the NMC 4.
  1. The CA certificate and the user certificate must have a file extension of “.crt” in PEM or DER format.
Note: The NMC 4 accepts both: PEM and DER formats. We recommended using the PEM format for both the user certificate and its corresponding private key. The user’s certificate and its private key must be in the same format for the EAPoL authentication to be successful.
  1. In the Web UI, the certificate validation occurs after entering the passphrase, loading the CA certificate (ca.crt), private key (user.key), and user certificate (user.crt).
  2. EAPoL can be forced to re-authenticate by using the ‘eapol -r’ Command Line Interface (CLI) command.
  3. An empty passphrase is set via the CLI using ‘eapol -p “” ‘
  4. To support a private key (user.key) that isn’t password-protected, enter an empty passphrase.

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