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How do I update the firmware of an XU1K3LLXXRCC and select Smart-UPS SRT models using a USB Flash Drive?

How do I update  the firmware of an XU1K3LLXXRCC and select Smart-UPS SRT models using a USB Flash Drive?

Links to download all necessary files can be found at the end of this document and in the table below.

Product Line:
Smart-UPS Industrial
Smart-UPS SRT 5-10kVA

XU1K3LLXXRCC, All Serial Numbers
Smart-UPS SRT 5-6kVA, UPS ID1020
Smart-UPS SRT 8-10kVA, UPS ID1021

Certain Smart-UPS SRT models and the Smart-UPS Industrial XU1K3LLXXRCC supports firmware update via a USB Thumb Drive.

This method not supported by certain Smart-UPS Products. This FAQ will explain how to perform this update on specific UPS models specified above.
For information on updating the UPS firmware via a Network Management Card, or the Firmware Upgrade Wizard, please refer to FAQ FA164737 .

NOTE: During the update process the UPS will not be able to provide battery backup in the event of a power outage

Follow the steps below to determine your current UPS firmware revision, select the proper firmware image, and update the UPS firmware.

To find your current UPS ID and Firmware:
Every Smart-UPS has a unique UPS ID. This can be found in the "About" menu on the UPS LCD screen, or via the NMC web interface, in “About” menu, then “Network”.

The "Microlink ID" is a unique identifier for the hardware platform of your UPS. We use the "ID" number to make sure we select the correct firmware file. Sometimes one specific model UPS may have different "ID" numbers depending on when it was produced. Always check the "ID" number of the unit you are going to update and ensure you use the firmware file with the compatible ID. Using the incorrect firmware file can result in damage to the UPS.

Download the applicable Firmware Image:
UPS IDUPS PrefixLatest Firmware ReleasedFfirmware version After Update FW Update with Output On AvailableRelease Notes
1020SRTSRT1020UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0YesSRT1020UPS_15-0.txt
1021SRTSRT1021UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0YesSRT1021UPS_15-0.txt
1017XU1K3LLXXRCCXUL1017UPS_15-0.encUPS 15.0YesXUL1017UPS_15-0.txt

Follow the instructions below to update the UPS firmware:

Step 1

Important: The USB drive must first be formatted, and configured to FAT32 file system.

Copy the correct .enc firmware file only to the USB Flash Drive.

Step 2

Connect the USB device to the USB port of the unit.

Step 3

Wait until the system detects the USB. Verify the screen in the next column is displayed. This screen will be shown for about 1minute.


Step 4

After 1 minute, the USB Device menu will appear.

Note: If this does not appear, go to the Configuration Menu, and select USB Device


Step 5

Scroll down and select “Install UPS Firmware”


Step 6

Select “Yes” to update the firmware
Note: Do not remove USB while updating firmware


Step 7

Display automatically pop ups with “Receiving Firmware Image X% Completed”


Step 8

Validating the file


Step 9

Display automatically pop ups with “Installing Firmware X% Do Not Power Off”


Step 10

Once update is successful, the system will reset and display this screen.


Step 11

The system will now return to the "USB Device" menu.

Select “Eject”.

Once “Safe to Remove USB Device” pops up you may remove the USB drive.


Step 12

Once the USB Drive is removed you need to reboot the Network Management Card:

  • Login to the NMC Web Interface

  • Go to the "Control" menu

  • Select "Network" then "Reset/Reboot"

This will reboot the Network Management Card. Your load will not be affected

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