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NetBotz 700 Series | How can I reset to defaults?

How to reset the NetBotz NBRK0750 or NBWL0755

Product Line
NetBotz 700 Series
- NetBotz Wall Monitor 755 (NBWL0755 / NBWL0756)
- NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (NBRK0750)

NetBotz 700 Series (all versions)

NetBotz Version 7.xx appliances

If the NetBotz appliance becomes inaccessible via the web and can not be accessed or if there appears to be corruption which you feel could be resolved by a full reset of the appliance, follow the below procedure.  A reboot can take up to fifteen minutes.
A 503 error may occur after the initial upgrade if this process is not followed as well. If a 503 error is seen when attempting web access, please see the resolution below.

If you have any Camera Pod 165 devices connected to the Private LAN of a NetBotz 7xx series appliance, it is advised to remove them prior to resetting the appliance.  (Note, the NetBotz 755 camera pod is attached by a screw in the back and is removable.)
If not than it may be necessary to delete/reset the camera in the 700 series appliance. In DEVICES > you may see the camera pod with status Not Authorized.  Delete the device, then reset the camera pod by pressing the small square reset button on the lower left side. (facing) for at least 20-30 seconds.  The camera pod should then auto negotiate to the appliance. If the Camera Pod is not directly connected to the appliance, follow the instructions in the NetBotz Camera Pod 165 Installation and Quick Start Guide. https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Doc_Ref=990-5974&p_enDocType=Quick+start+guide&p_File_Name=990-5974B_EN.pdf

This procedure removes all user configuration from the appliance. If you can access the NetBotz appliance via SSH, connect using a utility such as putty.exe and when prompted, log in using root and the password you had provided upon initial root login (done via serial connection).
If you can not access through SSH, connect using the micro USB serial configuration cable. Once connected, verify you're using the correct port in device manager, then use the following settings and connect with a terminal emulation program such as Hyper-terminal or Putty:
115,200 Baud rate
8 Data Bits
No Parity
1 Stop Bit
No Flow control.

Open the connection and hit enter until prompted for a login.
Log in using root and the password you had provided upon initial root login (done via serial connection), then when prompted to press enter within 5 seconds, type a capital X and hit Enter.

At the linux prompt type:

As of version 5.2.1, this command has changed to:

If you wish to reset the database but not reset IP info or other configuration, type:
/netbotz_app/restart.sh stop cleanDB startApp startClubber

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