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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2)

This FAQ document answers commonly-asked questions about UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) SmartSlot Cards, the firmware features and its benefits. It also addresses the questions of UPS Network Management Card 1 (AP9618) users to migrate to UPS Network Management Card 2 (AP9630, AP9631 and AP9635).

Product line:
All the Product Installed with Network management card - NMC 2

All models, All serial numbers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2)

Please find attached the PDF document to clarify the below questions.
  1. What are the main benefits of the UPS NMC 2?
  2. What features are new to UPS NMC 2 firmware?
  3. How do the UPS NMC 2 SKUs differ between features?
  4. What are the security features in the latest UPS NMC 2 firmware?
  5. What are the accessories supported by UPS Network Management Card 2? (dry contacts, environment sensors, expansion chassis)
  6. What can UPS Network Management Card 2 be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS)?
  7. Where can I try out the new UPS NMC 2?
  8. Is UPS NMC 2 compatible with all single phase SmartSlot UPSs
  9. Does UPS NMC 2 integrate with StruxureWare Data Center Expert and InfraStruxure Manager?
  10. Does UPS NMC 2 offer out of band management?
  11. Can UPS NMC 2 be used simultaneously with PowerChute Business Edition using serial/USB communication?
  12. How do UPS Network Management 2 features compare with that of UPS Network Management 1?

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