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How is a Micro DC SmartBunker SX cabinet different than a the NetShelter SP cabinets? Are any of the parts different than a standard SX cabinet?

We need to identify possible spare parts or accessories for the SmartBunker SX.

Product Line:
Micro DC SmartBunker SX

All versions and serial ranges.

A customer is looking for parts, or accessory compatibility, for the SmartBunker SX.

Micro DC SmartBunker SX uses NetShelter Shock Package cabinets and includes Smart-UPS, PDU and NetBotz.
The cabinets used in standard SmartBunker SX skus are the AR3103SP1 and AR3100SP. ATO versions may use other AR3xxxSP cabinets.
To identify the exact cabinet simply open the rear doors and check the label on the upper frame. You'll find the cabinet sku and serial number.
If you need help choosing spare parts or accessories please contact your country specific APC Tech Support.
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