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AP9335T(H)/AP9810 configuration issues through SNMP

Customers may be unable to configure an AP9335T(H) temperature probe, or an AP9810 dry contact accessory using SNMP

Product Line
Network Management Card 2 (AP9631 or AP9635) with an attached accessory

Historically, the OID's for environmental monitoring only support an AP9335T temperature probe or an AP9335TH temperature / humidity probe in Universal I/O Port 1, and the AP9810 dry contact accessory in Universal I/O Port 2. As of revision v6.4.6 for the sumx and sy applications, and as of MIB revision v4.2.1, OIDs have been added are are now supported to allow the proper configuration of the probes and / or the AP9810 dry contact accessory when connected to either Universal I/O port.

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