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Why are certain SNMP OID's missing from the network interface of my SmartUPS VT/Galaxy 3500?

OID's relating to input voltage of a UPS are unable to return information

Product Line
Network Management Card 2 (AP9630/31/35)

Customers using a 3 phase SmartUPS VT/Galaxy 3500, with a Network Management Card that is running firmware version SUMX v6.2.0 or SUMX v6.2.1.

OID's from the group (upsPhaseInputTable) are missing from SUMX v6.2.0 and SUMX v6.2.1. This OID group references information regarding the phase input of the UPS (how many phases, input frequency, phase rotation, etc). This information will not be able to be polled via SNMP.

SUMX v6.3.3 will resolve this, and this article will be updated when the firmware is released.

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