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Can I mix C10, C69 with V66 batteries in a Symmetra PX battery frames?


Can I mix C10, C69 with V66 batteries in a Symmetra PX battery frames?

Product line:

Symmetra PX1 & PX2


All models/ Serial number


APC By Schneider uses multiple vendors to supply the batteries for use in Symmetra PX products. When installing the batteries into the frame they need to be installed in a specific configuration.


If batteries in columns (A and B or C and D) are of two different types, a “mixed battery” fault is generated. You may have two different vendors on the same shelf (level) as long as A&B is the same and C&D are the same. Both the Battery modules and shipping material/packaging are marked with stickers identifying the manufacturer of the batteries. This allows for installing the batteries in such a way as to not generate alarm.

Some common manufacturer of the batteries sticker are; C10, C69, and V66

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