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AP9613 Status LED Behavior Explanation


What does the LED indicator on the AP9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot card indicate?

Product Line

  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9613 Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot Card


  • v101 firmware
  • All serial numbers


The current status LED behavior is for reference and to clarify what is in the user's guide. Refer to the information below.


StateLED Indicator
AP9613 is booting or starting upFlashing/Blinking Green
UPS Communication Error/Lost Communication with UPS
Flashing/Blinking Red
Universal I/O (UIO) error and/or Lost Communication with UIO Accessory
AP9613 Hardware Error
Configuration Error - Invalid configuration file on the AP9613Rapid Flashing/Blinking Red
UPS "Fault" (as outlined in knowledge base FA171541)Solid Red
Normal OperationSolid Green

In order to verify the status of the AP9613 and it's configuration, the Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot Configuration Utility can be accessed via the USB connection as per the instructions in the user's guide.

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