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PowerChute Business Edition Agent fails to start and report Error: Event ID 101 or ID 7024

Windows Service for PowerChute Business Edition Agent does not start and report Error: Event ID 101 or 7024

Two ways of checking this:

* A dialog pop-up message is shown after the service fails to start

* The Windows Event Log shows:

(1) Windows Application log
Source: APC PBEAgent
Type: Error
Event ID: 101
Description: Error: 0, Time out 90 seconds. Service start operation canceled.

(2) Windows System log
Source: Service Control Manager
Type: Error
Event ID: 7024
Description:APC PBE Agent terminated with the following error: 0(0x0)

Product Line:
PowerChute Business Edition (PCBE)

All Windows OS

1 - This can be caused by a large number of temporary files in the \temp folder (usually C:\Windows\temp).
2 - Corrupt or missing m11.cfg file. 

1 - Delete the temporary files in the \temp folder.
2 - For corrupt or missing m11.cfg file, uninstall and reinstall the PowerChute Agent. 


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