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What is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)?


What is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)?

Product Line:

Line-R, Back-UPS, Back-UPS PRO, Smart-UPS and APC AV.



Cause / Resolution:

AVR is also known as Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS). It stabilizes the mains power supply voltage to a load which provides protection from power problems such as sags, brownouts and surges. This was also added feature on a Line Interactive Topology UPS. With AVR/AVS Technology, instead of the UPS going to battery during high or low input voltages, the unit will increase (BOOST) or reduce (TRIM) the incoming voltage and delivers output voltage to a safe operating range. This is achieved by re-routing the input voltage through the internal Automatic Voltage Regulating transformer, all without running off of the internal battery. The main advantage of this is that it helps to prolong the life of the battery and extends the operating range in which the UPS can operate online.

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