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Are the NetShelter SX and VX cabinets Zone 4 compliant, high seismic, IBC or NEBS?

Customers need to understand the seismic ratings of NetShelter SX and VX Seismic cabinets.
Product Line:
NetShelter SX, NetShelter VX Seismic
All versions and serial ranges.
NetShelter SX and VX cabinets have different seismic ratings.
Resolution :

The NetShelter SX product family, when using the AR7701A-S bolt-down kit and proper anchoring, meets IBC High Seismic Area specifications and OSHPD certification.
The pallet brackets that ship with each cabinet may also be used for IBC Low Seismic Area and Moderate Seismic Area.
Under the former UBC standard the NetShelter SX was Zone 4 compliant. IBC replaced UBC, and replaced the 'Zones' measurement with 'Seismic Areas' measurements. Since the UBC standard was replaced by IBC, and the language changed, any seismic requirement should also specify OSHPD, IBC, UBC or NEBS to help eliminate errors.

The VX Seismic cabinet (AR2144BLK and AR2145BLK) are NEBS GR-63-CORE Zone 4. Other non-seismic VX models had used the AR8112BLK for UBC Zone 4 compliance.

For a more complete understanding of seismic compliance, IBC, UBC, NEBS, High Seismic Area and Zone 4 please see Knowledge Base documents FA232050 and FA239257.

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