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UPS Performs Continuous Self Tests for One Hour Before Its Scheduled Time


A UPS performs continuous self-tests for an hour before it is actually scheduled to perform one.

Product Line

Smart-UPS Online/Smart-UPS RT
Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX


PowerChute Plus running on Netware 5 SP 3


Powerchute Plus 4.3.3 is configured to run a scheduled self test on a Netware 5 SP 3 server. However, the self test begins an hour before the scheduled time and runs continuously for that hour. This issue would only occur on Netware 5 SP 3 servers and only affected those living in states that do not observe Daylight Savings Time, such as Indiana and Arizona. Novell released SP 4 and in their list of "file fixes" it states SP 4" fixed daylight savings time calculations to function properly for time zones where there is no daylight saving and for time zones in the Southern Hemisphere".


Installing SP 4 solves the scheduled self test issue.

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