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Matrix-UPS Displays Overload on Display Panel


Matrix-UPS displays an overload on the front display or via the network management card.

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All serial numbers


The overload alarm itself is caused by attached equipment drawing power in excess of either the watt or VA rating of the UPS.  If the overload is removed, the alarm will persist until the UPS is reset.


The overload alarm will not clear until the unit is reset or power cycled. It is far less invasive to reset the thumbscrew and bring the unit back online. The procedure for resetting the Electronics unit would be to:

1. ) Loosen the Thumbscrew until the LCD goes blank.
2.) Screw the Knob back in until seated firmly then press any key on the front panel.
3.) Follow the prompts on the front panel, select "No" in response to "Turn load off?"
4.) Select YES in response to "Out of bypass?" The unit should say on line and reference a certain percent load.

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