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InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager Reports "Bank" Current as "Phase" Current for Certain Rack PDUs


Bank current is showing as phase current within the InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager data log

Product Line

  • InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager - AP92200

  • Rack Power Distribution Unit models:
    • AP7802
    • AP7811
    • AP7822
    • AP7832
    • AP7832J
    • AP7841
    • AP7853
    • AP7902
    • AP7902J
    • AP7911
    • AP7922
    • AP7932
    • AP7932J
    • AP7941
    • AP7853


  • All serial numbers
  • All ISX Manager versions
  • All Rack PDU firmware versions


For certain single phase Rack Mount Power Distribution Units with multiple banks of outlets, the ISX Manager will list their current by "phase" instead of by "bank" in the Data Log.

This means that Bank #1 will be listed as "L1" and Bank #2 will be listed as"L2," even though all current is being supplied on the same electrical phase. L3 in the log will be the total current draw from both banks.

All alarms related to this labeling issue will also report the term as phase and not bank. All values reported in the logs are correct apart for the labels (Phase vs Bank).


Make note of the labeling discrepancy

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