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Smart-UPS VT-G3500; what is Generator Charge (GEN CHRG) mode feature, how does it work?

What is Generator Charge (GEN CHRG) mode feature, how does it work?

Product line:
Smart-UPS VT – Galaxy 3500

All Product models, All serial numbers

Generator Charge is for de-rating the power the UPS uses for charging the battery when supplied from a generator.

The GEN CHRG (Generator Charge) mode can be activated via the display: Main Menu>System>Gen Chrg. The generator must supply a signal to the UPS to reduce charge.
UPS TB J106, Pins 7 & 8 are for external charge control. When 7 & 8 are closed, the UPS charges batteries with a pre-defined percentage (0-100%) of the maximum charging power. To be used in generator applications, or if special codes requires control of charging. See page 36 attached file, install guide.

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