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What is the Smart-UPS On-Line surge and spike test data?


What is the Smart-UPS On-Line surge and spike test data?

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The Smart-UPS On-Line products have been tested to levels that exceed IEC standards for voltage spikes, voltage surges, and voltage swings. Below is the IEC standard level as well as the Smart-UPS On-Line test level.

Voltage Spikes
IEC standard (level): IEC 61000-4-4 (1000 volts)
SUOL test level: 4000 volts
SUOL test result: Passed

Voltage Surges
IEC standard (level): IEC 61000-4-5 (1000 volts)
SUOL test level: 6000 volts
SUOL test result: Passed

Voltage Swings
Within the ONLINE range, the SUOL will draw power from the ac-input source, charge the batteries, and regulate the output voltage to within 1% of nominal (typical): This range is dependent on UPS load as follows:
* 160Vac - 280Vac if load is above 50% of UPS rating
* 100Vac - 280Vac if load is 50% of UPS rating or below
Outside the ONLINE range, the UPS will transfer to battery backup power and continue to regulate the output voltage.

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